Three Things You Should Consider Before Replacing Your Commercial Roof

Much like the 8-year mattress rule, the roofing industry has created a myth that roof systems will only last 20 years. The truth is, most commercial roofs are designed for long-term performance and can last beyond the recommended period with proper maintenance.

So, how did the industry come up with “20” as the magic number of years? Design professionals, material suppliers and manufacturers are trained to encourage consumers to upgrade because it’s the most profitable for them.

Before opting to spend thousands of dollars on a full roof replacement, here are a few things to consider:

Your patience for roof leaks will fail before your roof will. A roof with one or two leaks doesn’t need replacement; it needs repair. Minor problems that can be easily fixed will save you money and extend the life of your roof.

Don’t be afraid of or buy into industry predictions. Some contractors will use fear and worst-case scenarios to sell a new roof. It’s important to shop around and find an experienced professional that can provide an honest assessment of your needs and options for on-going, pro-active maintenance and repair.

Know your options. In some cases, basic repairs may not be enough. If your roof has poor insulation or extensive damage, it might be time for a full replacement. Working with a roofing consultant will help you evaluate the best options. The commercial roofing experts at Greystone can explain the requirements for maintaining and repairing legacy roofing systems as well as building code compliance of a replacement roof if and when deemed necessary.

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