Three Steps to Find a Good Residential Roofing Contractor

Despite the commercials you see on television, asking your neighbor is far from the best way to find a roofing contractor to repair or replace your home’s roof. Consider that your neighbors have likely only replaced one or two roofs in their entire lives and thus have limited experience in selecting the right roofing materials and identifying a suitable roofing contractor. Instead, when to comes time to repair or replace your roof, we recommend:

  1. Call a local roofing supply distributor. Ask for the names of three contractors who purchase materials from them. Roofing supply houses won’t recommend or even share the names of contractors who don’t pay their bills. You want to work with a reputable firm who pays their suppliers on time so you don’t end up with a so-called mechanics’ lien on your property like the unfortunate roofing customers of Crist Roofing.
  2. Check Yelp, Google or other free business referral services. Read the positive as well as the negative reviews to comprehend how the contractor maintains high customer satisfaction. Avoid services like Angie’s List or the Better Business Bureau where the contractor pays a fee to be listed as those reviews are not always transparent and to your benefit.
  3. Compare the roofing firms on the supply house list to those found researching the referral services and see which firms rise to the top. Then call and ask for a reference from a project that went bad. You want to talk to a customer for whom things didn’t go smoothly because bad stuff happens in construction and you want to know how the contractor takes care of his customers. Contractors unwilling to share the examples of projects that went poorly – or unwilling to admit that this happens to them – are not being truthful and not a vendor you want to select. Keep calling down your combined list until you find a provider whose demonstrated expertise and customer service level meets your expectations.
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