Greystone Announces Partnership with Energy Efficiency Consultant Turnkey Sustainability

Atlanta, Georgia – February 6, 2018 – Greystone Consulting Group (Greystone), the leading Atlanta-based commercial roofing consultants for building owners across the southeast, today announced it has inked a strategic partnership with green building consultants TurnKey Sustainability, Inc. (TurnKey). Under the terms of the agreement, Greystone will provide energy efficient roofing and solar solutions aligned with the sustainability objectives of Turnkey’s clients.

“TurnKey prides itself on providing high performance sustainability solutions specifically designed to reduce operating costs, enhance long term asset values and generally improve competitive market position for property owners,” explains Turnkey owner Todd Long. “Businesses ranging from higher education and manufacturing to entertainment and transportation have found greater efficiencies and been able capture savings while using our environmentally responsible approach.”

TurnKey applies a methodology and discipline in support of clients’ goals which often include LEED certification, that allows them to capture points in Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (LEED-EBOM) categories including sustainable sites, materials and resources, water efficiency, energy and indoor air quality.

“Alignment with a professional service provider like Turnkey is a natural extension of our consultative approach to problem solving for business owners,” explains Shawn Vernimo, president of Greystone. “While a great deal of the green building methodologies used inside the structure gain more attention and are far sexier than the roof, ultimately it is the knowledgeable design and selection of the substrate protecting the building from moisture that makes the difference in occupant experience and asset livelihood. We look forward to working with Turnkey to bring more valuable and innovative solutions to their clientele.”


TurnKey Sustainability, Inc.(“TurnKey”) is Green Globe certified and represents best-in-class solutions for commercial-scale environmental efficiency projects involving Energy, Water and Recycling. At Turnkey, we embrace the power of stacking, a strategy that combines multiple efficiency conservation measures to achieve maximum results from both technical and business performance aspects. Our experience in the physical designs of facilities, commercial real estate leasing and ownership of structures and the ability to bring in the most appropriate technologies in the market today allow our clients to attain significant reductions in consumption, waste and cost while increasing productivity of their building assets. For more information, visit:


With decades of experience repairing and replacing miles of rooftops and roofing materials in Atlanta and nationwide, Greystone brings professionalism to an industry where low-bid often rules the day. Our consultants and installation staff recognize that building owners and occupants don’t want or need to understand the engineering level details beneath their roof but find confidence and appreciate the value of working with professionals who do. For more information, visit:

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