Georgia Real Estate Firm Partners with Greystone Group for Expertise and Value

When one of Leigh Roberts’ properties was threatened due to a leaky roof, he initially struggled to fix the problem. The building had an old, deteriorated roof, yet it was occupied 24/7. Due to its age and condition, the first two roofing firms who evaluated the job recommended replacing the roof—an easier option for them, but much more disruptive to the occupants. On the third attempt, Roberts connected with Greystone Group, who repaired the roof successfully without displacing the tenants.

A working partnership began with that project, and it has only grown stronger over time. Roberts couldn’t be happier.

“Time is our enemy when we are faced with a faulty roofing system. Greystone solved an issue others were not able to do,” says Leigh Roberts, president of Roberts Commercial Real Estate Services. “They repaired the roofing system and improved it from its original construction. The tenant never missed a deadline–and neither did Greystone.”

Value-Conscious Expertise

RooftopFor Roberts, who was referred to Greystone Group by another property management firm, roof repairs are a strategic operation. All of the properties he manages are occupied by tenants, so any maintenance or replacement work must be done with consideration for their schedules. At the same time, the building’s owners look to Roberts to safeguard their investments. On both fronts, Roberts says, Greystone Group delivers.

“Our portfolio, like the majority of owned real estate, is designed to provide a return on capital for the owner,” Roberts notes. “We also face demands from our tenant base to deliver and maintain a watertight structure. Greystone helps us fulfill those promises.”

“Greystone has proven to be knowledgeable and value conscious, whether contemplating a minor repair or a complete replacement of the roofing system,” continues Roberts.

When Repairs Are Critical

When speaking of Greystone Group, Roberts cites a specific example—the repair of a large industrial facility in Metro Atlanta.

“Last year, Greystone provided assessment services for a roofing system on a large building that had been condemned by two local professional roofing companies,” he says. “Greystone recommended a repair program that not only saved the roof system; it extended its life for five to seven years. The owner avoided a $150,000-plus expenditure—and the facility was stabilized for the future.”

Roberts now considers Greystone Group and its principal, Shawn Vernimo, to be a true partner in their business success.

“The service and value we receive is above and beyond not only prior roof vendors but also vendors we use to maintain our facilities in general,” Roberts concludes. “Without question, they are the go-to vendor for our existing portfolio—and for the new products we bring online. Thanks, Shawn, for being part of our team.”

About Roberts Commercial Real Estate Services

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