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Greystone Case Studies

Georgia Real Estate Firm Partners with Greystone Group for Expertise and Value

When one of Leigh Roberts’ properties was threatened due to a leaky roof, he initially struggled to fix the problem. The building had an old, deteriorated roof, yet it was occupied 24/7. Due to its age and condition, the first two roofing firms who evaluated the job recommended replacing the roof—an easier option for them, but much more disruptive to the occupants. On the third attempt, Roberts connected with Greystone Group, who repaired the roof [...]

February 27th, 2018|Case Studies|

Combining Solar Technologies with Financing for Facility Efficiency

After years of successfully servicing the maintenance requirements of Pep Boys McDonough Distribution Center, the commercial roofing consultants at Greystone had finally gotten their foot in the door at the corporate level and were prepared to present a cost-savings plan that had been years in the making. Armed with details about an opportunity to nearly neutralize increasing energy costs of their warehouse and distribution facilities, Greystone and a team of consultants planned to propose a [...]

February 12th, 2018|Case Studies|

Atlanta Investment Properties Gains “Top Down” Investment Protection with Greystone Group

For property investment companies, physical buildings are always their greatest assets. A crucial component of maximizing the value of that asset is sealing the building envelope—and especially the roof. When Atlanta Investment Properties owner Daniel Levison realized that several buildings his firm managed either needed roof repair or were approaching roof replacement, he sought an experienced, reliable, high-quality roofing company to perform the work. He found one in Greystone. “An old colleague introduced me to [...]

February 1st, 2018|Case Studies|

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